1080P60 Ramme Starlight Bredt Dynamisk Kamera Modul USB3.0 Interface IMX290 Baggrundslys Skydning

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Type1: USB2.0-ingen forvrængning 110 grader-2,8 mm linse

Type2: USB2.0-forvrængning 100 grader-3,6 mm linse

Type3: USB2.0-ingen forvrængning 80 grader-3.9 mm linse

Type4: USB2.0-120 grad-2,5 mm linse

Type5: USB2.0-150 grad-2.1 mm linse

Type6: USB2.0-170 grad-1,8 mm linse

Type7: USB2.0-60 grader-6mm linse

Type8: USB2.0-40 grader-8mm linse

Type9: USB2.0-30 grader-12mm linse

Type10: USB2.0-20 grader-16mm linse

Type11: USB3.0-ingen forvrængning 110 grader-2,8 mm linse

Type12: USB3.0-forvrængning 100 grader-3,6 mm linse

Type13: USB3.0-ingen forvrængning 80 grader-3.9 mm linse

Type14: USB3.0-120 grad-2,5 mm linse

Type15: USB3.0-150 grad-2.1 mm linse

Type16: USB3.0-170 grad-1,8 mm linse

Type17: USB3.0-60 grader-6mm linse

Type18: USB3.0-40 grader-8mm linse

Type19: USB3.0-30 grader-12mm linse

Type20: USB3.0-20 grader-16mm linse


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Christopher58 2021-02-01

Camera works very well. Theoretically is able to reach 1080 p60fps, me personally managed to achieve maximum 50fps. WITH camera are some problems with the view programmer, if however is the ordinary user, it is a very good choice.

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